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Taco Bell Canada Seeks Good PR For a Change

In the face of several serious brand challenges Taco Bell has continuously

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Dodgers Organization Hit With Another PR Problem

This organization was hit with a PR problem over the unruly fans who trash the neighborhood surrounding Chavez Ravine. Residents have been complaining, saying that they have victimized for years. The public is blaming three things for the unruly conduct; the Dodger ban on tail gating, the increase in parking prices, and the opening of a new gate on a residential street.

This has ultimately given the city, the team and the fans a black eye.

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UCLA  Student’s ‘Asians in the library’ Video

Controversy arose over a Youtube video posted by a UCLA student. This video has been viewed over 6 million times. In the video, the female student complained about the behavior of Asian students in the UCLA library and else where.

UCLA chancellor Gene Block weighed in with his own Youtube video accompanied by a statement posted on the website of the UCLA press office.


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Go Daddy CEO in hot water over elephant killing

In the latest article I read was about Bob Parson, the CEO of a web hosting service called Go Daddy. The company has come to a PR crisis after a video emerged of Parsons shooting and killing an Elephant on a trip to Zimbabwe.

This has sparked outrage from animal rights campaigners and led to an outpouring of anger towards both the CEO and the company.

A competitor service called Name Cheap has started offering domain transfers with a 1$ donation to

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I’m not quite sure if this topic is directly linked to our Public Relations course but it have been an issue that has weighed heavily with me recently.

This past week the CEO of Enmax, Gary Holden, has stepped down from his position and resigned from the Calgary city owned energy company. This was a personal decision made by Holden after being placed under fire for several different allegations. The bad publicity started with a string of articles putting the spot light on Holden for the amount of money he made in his position. Then the focus turned to the questioning of Holden’s use of the company funds for such things as lavish personal company party at his own home with entertainment provided by popular Canadian artists. A personal email from Holden to the Enmax staff was leaked and landed him on the Forbes top ten CEO screw-ups of 2010!

All the press releases that focus on Gary Holden and his career as the CEO of Enmax are truly disheartening. I honestly feel like Calgary (and our media, bravo!) have stripped a very successful man from is well earned position.

I think I only came across one article that felt it was appropriate to comment on Holden’s accomplishments and success. Such as the fact that while CEO he has increased the value of Enmax by 5 times. People jump to conclusions too fast and when they don’t take the time to look into these types of issues themselves they are blinded by what the negative press has to say.

I agree that salaries are a reflection of the work an individual can produce. He’s done a lot to improve the state and fate of this city run company. I only hope that another individual can do the same!

Although I really won’t be happy, I hope  to see the city of Calgary and Nenshi’s (The new Mayor who had a large influence in the resignation of Holden) faces when Enmax’s profits drop and it starts really effecting us.

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This will be my first official entry for my Public Relations blog. I feel that I should start off by introducing myself as well as set out what I want to accomplish with this blog.

My name is Courtney Crowe and I am 21 years of age. I feel quite young, that I have tons of time to travel, live life and experience so much more. At the same time I feel quite old as I am surrounded by students fresh out of High School. Four years out of High School doesn’t seem that young anymore. I am not from the island. I feel that there is a definite difference between those of us who were born and raised here and those who weren’t. Now, I don’t want to come off pretentious saying I am a big picture thinker, but I feel that since I have lived the majority of my life in a big city I see things a bit differently. Everything is different that it is on the island, and for me that includes the business world.

I’ve always wished I was a lot more funnier and witty than I actually am. When I think about what I want to accomplish with this blog, I’d like to come off as a comical genius. Unfortunately that won’t happen, but you might notice the occasional attempt at pulling out a joke or poking some fun. I’ll work on it.

One of my New Year resolutions is to be more open and honest. I’ll attempt to state my opinion as best as I can, rather it be biased or not. I will write mostly about topics that interest me or I know a lot about. Obviously I want to sound smart and come off like I know what I am talking about!

So that will be the most of it. I am always trying to improve my writing skills and look forward to getting to use a blog. It’s quite a different writing medium, somewhere I feel my style is more suited!

For now, CC

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